Problem in Online Fashion Shopping — Overchoice

Imagine this scenario and tell me if you can relate to this. You are thinking to buy a navy blue organic cotton V-neck sweatshirt for yourself. It’s great that you have so many websites to choose from. So you decided to visit one of your favorite one and searched for a navy blue organic cotton V-neck sweatshirt. The result we all know and as you know, there were a total of 2000 navy blue organic cotton V-neck sweatshirts to choose from! I scrolled down to take a look, but couldn’t reach till the end. Just after taking a gaze from around 40 sweatshirts, being perplexed I kept my laptop aside.

But, imagine that buying it was necessary because you really needed one. You again went to visit that site, filtered according to price, fabric, sleeve length, but was again puzzled to find out 750 shirts! You managed anyhow to run through a few of them but didn’t like much and visited another shopping websites, to compare, and yes you guessed it right you were again stuck in the loophole. Sounds similar?

You anyhow managed to set aside a few of them in you shopping cart, maybe from same store or different ones. And wondered daily to buy or not. Ultimately you dropped the plan, went to a nearby shop, and bought a not so cool navy blue organic cotton V-neck sweatshirt. Having no choice because of the dilemma, you got stuck. Ironically, that sweatshirt is stacked along with other boring clothes not worn enough. You know many of others like you can relate to this.

What’s the reason?

The problem is online shopping offers its users so many options to choose from, that they end up buying nothing. This also doesn’t just create problem for consumers, but also for online stores, it’s called “cart abandonment”. It can be seen from the eye of The Law of Marginal Utility. Let’s say that you want a red midi dress, I give you one you are happy. I give two of them, you have an option to choose the better one, it makes you even happier, I give you three, and then four you will be satisfied. I am sure, if I give you 50 more dresses to pick from, you will be no longer willing to choose. The same is the case with ecommerce websites. This curates a problem of overchoice.

The Paradox of Overchoice

The focus is to make our brain happy. If we find that perfect item, our brain will be satisfied, and yes happy. But when we have hundreds and even thousands of items, to select one, our brain gets into a quandary. This is the problem of Cognitive Dissonance

Due to these many alternatives aka overchoice, we filter a few and add them to our cart. The same items stay in our cart for even months. We compare different items to make a final decision, which is not simple. The cognitive dissonance affects our brain and we end up buying nothing. This leads to cart abandonment. In 2020 alone the cart abandonment rate has been 88.05% comparing to 77.13% in 2019.

This doesn’t just waste our time surfing the website but also leads to the stagnancy of these platforms. Scrolling for hours just to reach that one point is both irritating and time-consuming, even money in most cases.

This is also because while shopping online, you do not know whether that red midi dress will suit your body type or color. Will it fit you and give that perfect look. You shift from one site to another in search of the answer but eventually end up getting locked in a conundrum.

But what’s the solution to Overchoice?

Now you must be wondering, where is the key to unlock this problem? The key is right here. Klicklook is the answer to all your questions. It is the platform that helps you provide the most stress-free, easiest and fastest way to search, discover and find what you are looking for in the world’s fashion while you’re shopping online.

How Klicklook works?

Klicklook is the next generation product search engine for fashion. The process for you as a user is quite simple (Klicklook does all the heavy-lifting back-end). You just enter your search terms in free-form, hit the magical Klicklook Search button, then voila! the stylish fashion products matching your personal preferences start to show up one by one on your screen, from trusted & verified online fashion stores. So simple right!

Now you don’t need to browse and compare different sites, or use filters when you are searching for the clothes, shoes, accessories, bags and jewelry that you are looking for.

It’s anymore easy to find the right options and make the right choices whether it is for size, color, style, price and more when you shop for fashion online. You actually gain sustainable way of shopping online for fashion to save time and money by using Klicklook.

Klicklook believes shopping is a fun exercise. Therefore, your online fashion journey must be a fun experience rather than a nightmare. Shopping should be done with love and the end result should be a satisfied customer.

End of your pain

Definitely screening all those varied options results in wasting your precious time hopping from one site to another making it a tedious task while you also forced to make irrelevant choices. As your mind gets perplexed leading to stress and ultimately dropping the plan of buying anything (cognitive dissonance). Klicklook doesn’t let that happen!

So why waste another second boggling your mind? We can help you! Start searching the world’s fashion right away by using Klicklook!