The Impact of CAC and LTV on Fashion Businesses

Cost of customer acquisition has gone up by 222%, and 41% in the last year alone. This has put a strain on fashion businesses, with a significant portion of their budget being allocated to CAC, resulting in a decrease in their lifetime value (LTV).

Wearable NFTs: Everything You Need to Know

Wearable NFTs are the latest trend in the non-fungible token market. More and more people want to be seen and show off in the virtual world. What better way to express yourself than through fashion? The market for NFT wearables will be enormous eventually.

The Important Role of Consumers in Fashion

It can be hard to believe our purchasing decisions matter when we consider the sheer enormity of the fashion industry. But actually, they do more than we can think of. Fashion is a $2.4 trillion global sector that hires 70 million people worldwide and arguably is the second biggest polluter after the oil industry.

5 Tips to Listen Before Shopping Online

The market share of online retail store will continue to rise. Now that the entire world is moving to online sales, you are bound to spend a significant amount of your shopping budget, online. Here I have five tips from a marketer’s perspective that make your online shopping experience even better.

Paradox of Choice in Fashion Ecommerce

“Paradox of Choice in Fashion Ecommerce” addresses how fashion ecommerce sites can use the psychology of choice to create a better, more enjoyable customer experience, and increase sales.

The Nightmare Shoppers Face When Shopping Online

It’s well documented that too much choice – ‘overchoice’, ‘choice paralysis’, ‘paradox of choice’, whatever you want to call it – rather than help people, causes a whole host of problems including a ton of anxiety and stress. When it comes to shopping online this ‘overchoice’ is just getting worse and worse.

The Psychology Behind Mastering Shopping Decisions

Everybody buys something, whether it’s sometimes or so often, it doesn’t matter. When we look at online shopping, as being an online shopper searching for the right product, one thing will always be a constant: Your life is a collection of countless conscious and unconscious decisions made day after day. And these decisions play a major role to save or waste your time or money.

Clothes, Choices and Better Air Quality

Is it possible to create beautiful clothing that doesn’t imperil the air quality? Limiting the damage from climate change requires cutting net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. But it isn’t just the carbon emissions you need to worry about. Once the clothes have been worn, used and thrown away, the non-biodegradable fabric they’re made from can sit in landfills for up to two centuries.

Problem in Online Fashion Shopping — Overchoice

It’s 2020. And online fashion shopping is still a nightmare due to bad experiences in online fashion search. Users are still continuously struggling with a major problem all around the world, that’s called overchoice. Learn more about its reason and how to solve it!

Too Many Choices? Don’t be a victim

Do you feel overwhelmed and disappointed with a purchase when there are just too many options? You may have occurred the overchoice effect. The reason for this is that you are trying to pick the best option, or even after making the purchase you believe you could have chosen something better. Interestingly though, neither children nor elders experience the overchoice effect. But there is a catch!