Open and democratized fashion ecommerce for all

Klicklook is the world’s first and largest AI-powered open fashion search engine that connects shoppers and businesses across the web and the metaverse.

Colorful collage of fashion people.

Open and democratized fashion ecommerce for all

Klicklook is the world’s first and largest AI-powered open fashion search engine that connects shoppers and businesses across the web and the metaverse.

Colorful collage of fashion people.


Our mission is to democratize the world’s ecommerce data and information and make it open to all.

The eye.


Our vision is to instantly deliver relevant ecommerce data and information on any product in one click.

Carefree happy guy laughing over joke.
Positive adorable woman with bobbed hairdo, smiles gently at camera, has tattooed arm and healthy skin, being in good mood.
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Overjoyed attractive man dressed in elegant shirt opens mouth widely, laughs joyfully, expresses positivity.
Positive adorable woman with bobbed hairdo, smiles gently at camera, has tattooed arm and healthy skin, being in good mood.

Our story

We’re improving the way people search, discover, find, and shop for fashion products they love, want, or need online. We liberate fashion ecommerce by making it easier, faster, simpler, and more secure for both shoppers and businesses.



You must rely on search engines as a shopper. They are required to discover and find the vast number of products available on the web, in the metaverse and beyond. The first-generation search engines, which we still use today, are widely recognized as critical components of the fashion ecommerce ecosystem. Unfortunately, they repeatedly fail to solve important issues such as:

  • Biased search results with irrelevant information
  • Continuous exploitation of your private data
  • Privacy invasive ads with manipulative marketing tactics
  • Stress and overchoice (aka decision fatigue)
  • Limited discoverability with targeted search

This is due to the ever-expanding, increasingly unorganized, fragmented, and uncontrollable growth of fashion ecommerce in all mediums. There are an endless number of online shopping websites, so many options, multiple choices, and a long list of product filters that force you to use multiple tools and tactics when shopping online for fashion.

The current ecommerce system is designed to deceive and exploit fashion shoppers such as yourself. You are forced to make irrational decisions that waste your time and money on a regular basis. You are also left to deal with mental health issues without even realizing it. In addition to these, overconsumption and overproduction make our planet more polluted and destroyed, and you are being part of the destruction either willingly by choice or unwillingly without knowing it at all.

Companies are tracking you non-stop online by using cookies, harmless looking so-called app permissions and device’s tracking technologies, and if you do not know what you are doing, like most people, you will not be able to stop it. They make money from your information and data while you get nothing in return. We believe that you should be rewarded for the data you share, have a choice to limit companies from tracking you online, and keep getting rewarded each time you contribute to the platform. It is time that we give power back to you, the people.


Fashion SMEs are underserved by first-generation search engines. The so-called SEO imposed by those search engines hurts fashion brands, stores and retailers. They are forced to fill out their websites and apps with unnecessary information that has nothing to do with the products they sell. As a result, shoppers suffer because the information and data provided to them is less transparent.

Multi-channel retailers, global brands, resellers, and marketplaces are favored in search results because they can afford to pay high advertising fees. The major issue is that businesses are paying large sums of money for the data that is not first party and fair trade, and that is frequently not fully compliant with regulations.

71% of consumers worry about how brands manage and leverage their personal data. 85% of consumers are loyal to brands that protect their data. Loyal customers can be responsible for as much as 70% of all revenue. Just a 5% increase in retention can translate into a 95% increase in profits.

SME fashion businesses face difficulties in entering the market from the start. They are cannibalized and forced to vanish between biased search results and limited reachability and were handcuffed to use Facebook and Google ads to generate sales.

At least 30%–40% of every single hard-earned or invested dollar goes to these big corporations in the form of customer acquisition costs. The overall cost of this customer acquisition has increased by 222% in the last eight years and 41% in the last year alone.

You may think that your business is getting a return on investment (ROI), but in reality, you just keep trading your profit for revenue and blocking to drive profitable growth.


Klicklook is a fashion platform that connects shoppers and businesses across the web (Web2 and Web3) and the metaverse through the symbiotic exchange of information and data in ecommerce.

On Klicklook:

  • Shoppers can search, discover and find any kind of fashion product they want to shop online whether it is on the web, metaverse or beyond. They save time and money when shopping, earn money and rewards when searching, protect their health and save the planet as well. (⇒ Learn more)
  • Businesses can start, build, and grow their fashion brands, online stores, or retail businesses with solutions tailored to their needs. They can do a lot by adding their fashion business and showcasing their products for free to connect with more shoppers globally, building their brands, online stores, or retailers, and driving profitable growth to create meaningful relationships and paths to success. (⇒ Learn more)


Klicklook is built in 2022 by D. R. Sara (Founder & CEO at Vidamonti Inc.) and Bharanidharan Hemachandran (Co-founder & CTO at Vidamonti Inc.).

The difficulties they had with online fashion shopping, as well as witnessing the difficulties of other customers, inspired them to create Klicklook. A faster, easier, and safer platform that makes online fashion search, discovery and finding exactly what you want or need so useful in improving people’s lives.

They decided to build Klicklook with the goal of making people’s lives not only better, easier and happier, but also more effective, productive, fun and smarter, as well as creating a more sustainable and circular planet for all living beings through search, fashion and ecommerce.

Klicklook is a product that is built and managed by Vidamonti Inc., a privately held technology company headquartered in the USA and operating with a team distributed around the world.

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Portrait of a happy young African couple grimacing.
Trendy fashionable couple posing together in studio.

Our values

User and customer obsession

We are committed to earning the trust and loyalty of our customers and users by solving their problems and respecting them on a daily basis. We delight and surprise them. We make short-term sacrifices in exchange for a lifetime of loyalty.

Transparency and authenticity

We believe that transparency and authenticity makes us direct, open, and free with our users, customers, and other people in our company. We become stronger as one by embracing more openness.

Sustainability and community

We care about the communities and environments in which we live and work, and we support and respect them. We believe that long-term growth and profitability will bring us continuous success, which is critical to our ability to give back.

Find and hire the exceptional talent

We look for and hire people who are hungry to succeed, have crazy ideas, a high learning ability, and the best talent to get the job done. We look for people who share our vision and enthusiasm by doing things that no one else can.

Collaborate, grow and win together

We are resilient. We constantly share and collaborate to make each other better. Because of our collectiveness, every group in the company can grow and win together. This strengthens us.

Invent, innovate and simplify

We are constantly innovating and inventing by finding ways to simplify things. We seek out new ideas from anywhere and prioritize them over hierarchy. As we try new things, we accept that we may be misunderstood for long periods of time as we choose to be bold.

A group of multi-cultural colleagues in the office.
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A group of office workers are watching something together on laptop.
A group of multi-cultural colleagues in the office.
A group of office workers are watching something together on laptop.

Klicklook careers

At Klicklook, we dream big, in life and at work. You are going to be doing the most impactful and rewarding work of your entire career while learning new skills, having career success, and having financial security. You’ll belong to a team of people who never want to stop growing, value transparency and authenticity, and want to be a part of something bigger.

We are building the world’s next generation universal AI-powered fashion search engine, an ecommerce ecosystem connecting shoppers and businesses across Web2, Web3, the metaverse and beyond.

We use great technological advancements, a completely different approach and plan our next phases with great inputs to make the world’s ecommerce faster, easier, and safer for all.

We are a 100% remote team, so if you are interested in and have experience with remote work, Klicklook would be an excellent place for you to work!

We are always looking for people from various backgrounds who have a high level of learning ability, self-manageability, entrepreneurial DNA, and a strong work ethic to help Klicklook grow to new heights.

We’re looking for people who have an unmistakable combination of drive and talent. Someone who is hungry for success and willing to go to any length to achieve it. We seek out-of-the-box thinkers, crazy people, rebels, misfits, freaks, and so on. We are not looking for people who are typical or normal. We want people who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and the traditional way of doing things.

Klicklook is the right place for you, if you are obsessed and passionate about one of these areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto
  • Data Science
  • Deep Learning
  • Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Fashion
  • Gaming
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Marketing
  • Metaverse
  • Neurology
  • Online Shopping
  • Sales
  • Web3

and you believe that through innovation and technology, you can have a significant and powerful impact on people and the environment.

Klicklook is a service provided by Vidamonti.

Vidamonti prioritizes employee well-being, provides support at all levels of the organization, and has policies in place that encourage respect, trust, empathy, and support.

Our work culture is based on everybody pushing their limits to go beyond that limit by delivering work of excellence that is combined with facts and results.

Vidamonti is a company that accommodates people who own their tasks and responsibilities in any way and do significant work by investing significant time and effort, which puts VidaMonti ahead of its competitors.

We welcome people only who share our values, mission, vision, and enthusiasm and do things that can’t be done by others easily.

These all apply to every member of the team at Vidamonti, from top to bottom. By working at Vidamonti, you are not just an employee but an extension of the company and an important part of something greater than yourself.

Send us your resume, cover letter and portfolio and we’ll handle the rest: APPLY NOW.

We are awaiting your application to join us and excited to welcome you aboard!