5 Tips to Listen Before Shopping Online

If you are a serial online shopper or a first-time online shopper, shopping online has never been easier. Before the Amazon’s and eBay’s of the world came into existence, we had our friendly neighborhood stores or supermarkets to rely on, for most of our requirements. They too were making it a point to make sure we had a seamless shopping experience.

The market share of online retail stores will continue to rise. You know that a major trend in online sales is coming when you can buy cars online, thanks to Tesla.

Now that the entire world is moving to online sales, you are bound to spend a significant amount of your shopping budget, online.

Here I have five tips from a marketer’s perspective that is going to make your online shopping experience even better.

1. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need right away

My marketing colleagues do their best to increase GMV or average ticket size of every order that you make. To make this happen, we try to sell you things that you don’t really need. And often, these small things are discounted with a larger number after being marked up. You don’t really notice this because these are small trivial things and you would never compare their price with other platforms.

2. Don’t worry, this is not the biggest sale ever

Have you ever missed a sale and thought that you are never getting that price ever? Well, from my experience, wait for a couple of weeks, you can get the same price or a similar price very soon. As festive sales are good avenues for stock clearances and acquire new customers, many etailers go for multiple sales in a year. Even if you missed one, wait for the next one.

3. Check if your order delivered is an actual fresh piece

Sometimes it so happens that the order delivered to you may have been returned by another customer. Especially true in cases of larger e-commerce companies during sale period such as Black Friday sales. So as a caution always thoroughly check for signs of earlier use such as discoloration, chips, any other defects.

4. Beware of heavy discounts

Heavy discounts, especially with smaller etailers and bigger brands could be too good to be true. Always read about the website, read the product description and check the reviews from external sources before giving your money to one such website.

5. Carefully review your order before making a purchase

Haven’t we all placed the order only to find that the address is wrong or sometimes ordered multiple quantities of the same item by mistake? It usually happens when we have multiple addresses or when we keep abandoning our cart items in between. While impulse shopping, we may skip reviewing the details at some time and it may result in us buying unwanted stuff which sometimes cannot be returned.


Shopping online is a useful tool that today’s generation has. Use it wisely and you will end up saving a lot of money. Also, the variety these stores can have is unmatched. So, don’t be afraid of trying and wish you all happy shopping.